Feedback on CCTECC- What Other People are Saying...

Student Teaching:
This was experience rich with learning and cultural experiences. I loved my time there and have no complaints.

I think I was well prepared for the experience. This has been a great learning experience for me and I have really enjoyed everything about my time overseas. I would definitely recommend the school I am working at for others. It has been a great, growing experience in every way (physical, spiritual, social, etc.) and I wouldn’t be the person I am now without that experience.

I think I was well prepared. I am not sure how you can better prepare due to vast differences in culture and experiences. Talking with others makes a huge difference in what we’ve experienced and what to expect. I had an amazing experience!

I had a great experience at my school. A lot of that had to do with how the staff at the school, from the administrator to the cleaning lady, made me feel welcome and accepted from the start to the end.

Pre-Experience Orientation (PEO):
Looking back, this was by far the most helpful time in preparing me to teach overseas. The sessions, topics and people all helped me to become more passionate about my decision. There was so much information that was covered during the weekend, but it was all interesting and pertinent. I was thankful for this weekend and the resources I left with when I got overseas.

Excellent! Discovered I was a TCK and that transformed the way I reach/taught my students. The whole training was excellent.

I enjoyed the activities and found the sessions helpful. It was really nice weekend and really helped me to start getting excited and thinking seriously about going overseas.

It benefited me most in the process of saying goodbye, adjusting to a new culture and packing. It also just helped to be among peers who I could identify with in this experience.

Reviewing my PEO materials reminded me of the importance and the process of bringing proper closure to the experience.

I thought the weekend was very productive. I was able to get to know other people in the same “shoes” as mine. I was also able to talk to people who were very familiar with traveling, and I received a lot of good tips. I thought the training sessions were very helpful. They addressed some issues I hadn’t though about, and got me to start thinking about these things before I left so there were minimal surprises.

The training is a wonderful idea. I learned so much especially about cultural differences. The training is definitely a must.

Cooperating Teachers:
My teacher was a blessing to work with this semester. She was a creative and hands-on teacher, even after 30 years in the classroom. She guided me and gave me helpful feedback.

Not only was my cooperating teacher an experienced teacher with good knowledge of his content, good classroom management and good teaching skills; but he also supplied good feedback and support to me as I student taught. I planned all my lessons myself, but he let me know of any available resources, and activities he had used in past years. It was enough assistance, but not too much.

My teacher was very helpful and encouraging. She gave me all of the information I would need to know about the students and the topics I would be covering. She was very open to me completely taking over the class and doing things my way, making sure the students knew that I was the main teacher for the time being. She expected a lot which was very appropriate since it was student teaching. She was also very helpful in giving me feedback and helping with ideas for discipline if they were needed.

My cooperating teacher and I got along very well. She treated me as an equal teacher and knew she didn’t have to hold my hand the whole way through. She let me learn from my own mistakes, yet gave me guidance and counsel as I needed it. We bounced ideas off of each other and learned from watching each other teach and interact with our students.

My cooperating teacher was wonderful. We had many opportunities to talk about different learning styles and teaching methods. Not only did she give me good feedback, but she also treated me as an equal and professional and asked me what I saw that she could work on.

Overall Experience:
The school and staff were wonderful! The school demands a lot of you, but they support you incredibly well. The diverse staff brought different insights and experiences that aided in creating an effective school system.

I felt this was an exceptional overseas placement. I had the materials I needed, resources were abundant and the personnel there were great to work with! The school system is God-centered and among the best in our area.