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Among Worlds | Among Worlds Back Issues
2016 June
Advice to My Younger Self

<!--0063-->2016 June <br/>Advice to My Younger Self


This issue of Among Worlds features lessons learned and reflections from ATCKs on earlier phases of their journey.  Articles include:
  • The Foreigner's Tax by Cynthia Shigo
  • Spoken Word to My Younger Self by Barbara Hawley
  • Of Minnesota Cornfields & Medieval Cobblestones by Jennifer Dougan
  • Breathe by Danielle Stephenson
  • Healing the Wounds of Broken Systems by Louis Bushong
  • I Live Here by Ingrid Giles
  • Who Am I by Deb Kartheiser
  • "Hidden Immigrant" or "Foreigner:" What Will We Trade to Gain Acceptance? by Laura Daniels
  • Living Abundantly: Becoming New or Not by Rachel Elkstrand