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Among Worlds | Among Worlds Back Issues
2015 June
Oh, the Places We Go!

<!--0067-->2015 June <br/>Oh, the Places We Go!


This issue of Among Worlds features perspectives from ATCKs on the meaning and significance of places in the life of a TCK.  Articles include:
  • My Map by Maia Manchester
  • Why Gabon Changed My Life by Sonia Nding
  • Soul Places by Danielle Stephenson
  • The Flight Voucher by Lauren Owen
  • Solo by Mark Jackson
  • #TCK Chat by Dounia Bertuccelli
  • Backpacking Blues by Stephen Ullstrom
  • Balikpapan by Stacy Rushton
  • The In Between by Madeline Lefeuvre
  • Air Poems by Amber Godfrey