Welcome Overseas Schools!

Feedback from an overseas school about CCTECC:
“Most schools have ambivalent feelings about student teachers. Extra work, risk of failure, added stress—who needs it! But the [CCTECC] student teacher program that we have seen has been an unqualified success. Last year we invited ten students who participate in the student teaching program and our students, faculty, student teachers and sending colleges were all the better for it. . . .”   - from the director of a school in Europe

The responsibilities of the overseas schools:
Prior to the arrival of the student teacher, the international school is expected to:
  • answer questions about the school, culture, teaching assignment, etc.
  • assist in travel planning, logistics and arrange for meeting at airport
  • help arrange housing for the student teacher (although the student pays the cost of his housing)

While the student teacher is overseas, the international school:

  • provides the cooperating teacher and the supervisor
  • evaluates the progress and performance of the student teacher

Benefits for the school having student teachers:

  • is a valuable resource for recruiting teachers who have experienced life and teaching in an international school setting
  • enriches the school as student teachers bring gifts and talents which will enhance an MK school programs such as drama, debate, music, etc.
  • enriches the school faculty through their new ideas and understanding of current educational trends and issues
  • provides students at the school with current information about North American culture, positive role models and bridges to their home culture
  • helps TCKs obtain first-hand information about colleges which is helpful to them in the college selection and admission process
  • builds awareness and understanding of the importance and the opportunities for service at overseas schools as these students return and share their experiences