Welcome U.S. Colleges!

We invite you to look at the CCTECC program and consider joining to provide quality training for your student teachers and to gain access to this great opportunity.

Why Was CCTECC Established?
The CCTECC program began in the late 1980s and the first student teachers went overseas in 1991. Several factors led to its creation. The original initiative for creating CCTECC came from leaders at international Christian schools. They believed that an overseas student teaching program would assist them in finding and recruiting teachers as well as benefit everyone involved. At the same time many Christian colleges were eager to provide overseas student teaching experiences for their education majors and saw it as a first step toward serving at an international school after graduation.

The overseas schools were also concerned about dealing with the different requirements each college had for their student teachers and colleges were concerned about trying to connect with so many overseas schools regarding possible placements. Thus, both international Christian schools and Christian colleges wanted a single entity who could arrange placements for student teachers as well as coordinate services and procedures.

Lastly, both colleges and overseas schools recognized that preparing student teachers well for their overseas assignment was crucial to their impact and effectiveness in the classroom. Thus, both groups placed great importance on preparing students (both personally and professionally) for their overseas assignment.

Who Can Join CCTECC?
CCTECC is a voluntary association of Christian colleges who have joined forces to provide their students with opportunities for an overseas student teaching experience.

How Can We Join CCTECC?
Contact the CCTECC Coordinator Al Gurley who will provide the necessary information.

Benefits for the Colleges

  • Enriches their teacher training program by providing this outstanding opportunity for students.
  • Gives their students greater cross-cultural knowledge
  • Helps their students develop valuable cross-cultural skills
  • Gives students experiences in multicultural education that gives them important advantages as they compete for jobs
  • Gain recognition and exposure for their university because their student teachers act as a representative of the college to prospective students

What Are the Responsibilities of CCTECC Members?
Member colleges pay an annual institutional fee which, along with student fees, covers the costs of the program for placement and administration of the program. Representatives of the member colleges attend an annual business meeting. In addition, each college carefully screens their education majors who want to do their student teaching overseas and debriefs students when they return.

What Is the Role of Interaction International in the CCTECC program?>
Interaction is the administrative arm of CCTECC that arranges for the placement of students at overseas schools and facilitates contact and communication among students, overseas schools and the college. In addition, Interaction provides the orientation training and preparation for student teachers before they go overseas. Two Pre-Experience Orientation programs (PEOs) are held each year.

CCTECC has established policies for screening of students, procedures for effectively placing student teachers, materials to support the mentoring of student teachers in overseas placements by cooperating teachers and designated field supervisors, and materials to facilitate evaluation of performance of student teachers and of the CCTECC program.

Feedback from a Participating College:
“Receiving the [notes and letters] of young people who are now teaching overseas because of Cedarville's student teaching abroad program has been a thrill. CCTECC has helped us provide a higher quality preparation program, enabled standardizing of our procedures with other colleges and has opened doors of which we were not previously aware.” Dr. Merlin Ager—former Education Department Chairman at Cedarville College.